About the mall

VCUP employs more than 160 sales and 50 service locations.

This part of the city promises pleasant memories, where in the commercial space of 26 000 sqm visitors feel comfortable thanks to convenient and special layout design of the shopping center. Searching for shopping, you can relax in cafes and restaurants, facing the old city of Vilnius.

Favourable location.

The shopping center is surrounded by the most important city institutions. VCUP is a great place for business meetings and spending free time in the green recreation area near the White Bridge (Baltasis tiltas). On the ground floor, visitors are welcomed by a 4-meter snow-white angel beloved by the buyers of the VCUP shopping center.

20 cafes and restaurants, 7 terraces invite you to meet with your friends, spend leisure activities and celebrate holidays.
You will find a cozy place for a coffee or a delicious snack on any floor of the shopping center.

Comfortable places for your car in indoor and outdoor parking areas.

For the convenience of visitors, the VCUP has a multi-storey indoor 260-space parking area, as well as 100 spaces in an open parking area. Five-story indoor parking for 260 spaces is especially pleasing in cool and rainy weather.

The Mall has a cozy room for parents with children on the 2nd floor.

Moms and the child’s room are spacious and comfortable, with which you can conveniently feed, wash, and the development of the baby. The room is constantly maintained with proper heat, cleanliness and order.

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