03/12/2018 - 31/12/2018

Dovanos dovanojantiems!

Promotional Gifts for donations Rules:

  • Purchase a gift pack of coffee (250 g) when purchasing gift vouchers of 30 Eur or more. You will be able to pick up the coffee in the “Coffee Shopper” shop with a gift voucher at the time of purchase.
  • Shares are valid from 2018. December 3 by 2018 December 31
  • Shares are involved is 20 Euro, 30 Eur, 50 Eur and 100 Eur denomination.
  • The shares do not include 5 EUR, 10 EUR and 15 EUR denomination.
  • 20 Eur, 30 Eur, 50 Eur and 100 Eur nominal gift vouchers can be obtained at the CUP Information Center, Narvesen or Geras Dovana Portal.
  • Person acquired 2 pcs. x 20 Eur, 1 pc. x 30 Eur, 50 Eur or 100 Eur denomination gift certificate, has the right to receive a gift voucher at the CUP Information Center, which will be able to withdraw a 250g coffee mug at the Kavos draugas shop.
  • The Coffee Gift Coupon is valid only with the stamp of the CUP Information Worker, which must state the date of receipt.
  • Buy a gift voucher from the NARVESEN store or the GERA DOVANA portal on the CUP Gift Card, in the first-floor information center, with a receipt, a gift voucher for coffee on the way.
  • The Coffee Gift Coupon is valid only in the ”Kavos draugas” shop at the CUP.
  • A gift, a coffee pack, can only be withdrawn with a receipt for that day and a gift coupon of the same date with a stamp and date of purchase. When purchasing via the GERA DOVANA portal, the coffee can be withdrawn on the day the gift certificate is exchanged.
  • The coupon must be presented at the Kavos draugas shop and after the receipt of a gift, the purchase voucher must be left in the store. It only applies once, after which the coupon is canceled.
  • The coffee coupon is not converted into cash and is not refundable.
  • After returning the item that was purchased using gift vouchers, the buyer must reimburse the value of the gift of the coffee received at the CUP Information Center.
  • The amount of gifts is limited to 2000 coffee packs.
  • One buyer can get no more than 5 coffee packs per day.
  • If the gift voucher or coffee voucher is damaged, i.e. more than half of it is dirty, defective or otherwise damaged, such a check or coupon can not be paid for goods and / or services, and such a coupon is unaltered and the money for it is not returned.
  • The CUP has the right to terminate the promotion upon the end of the donation, or to change the rules of the promotion at any time thereafter and undertakes to publish it on the website in advance. Gifts in monetary units are not changed. Costs related to the withdrawal of gifts are not reimbursed.
  • Participants in the campaign undertake to properly familiarize themselves with the rules at their risk and agree to comply with them.
  • CUP Shop and Service Salon Employees, CUP Administration Personnel and employees of CUP Managing Companies do not participate in the campaign.
  • Details of the action are available on the phone at 8 52 731515.



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