Gift voucher

Choose 5 Eur, 10 Eur, 15 Eur, 20 Eur, 30 Eur , 50 Eur or 100 Eur CUP GIFT VOUCHER!


With this gift voucher you can buy goods in all shopping centre stores.

Gift vouchers are sold at information desk on the 1st floor or NARVESEN shop on the third floor.

Contact Phone (8 5) 273 1515

  • Gift voucher can be purchased for goods in CUP.
  • If the selected goods price exceeds the gift voucher denomination, you can pay the difference in cash.
  • If the selected goods cost less than the amount indicated on the gift voucher, the difference is non-refundable.
  • Gift voucher is not changed for cash.
  • Once the Gift Voucher settled, it is taken and is not refundable. Gift voucher can be used only once. After using gift voucher is cancelled.
  • Gift voucher is valid for 60 days from the date of purchase.
  • With the gift voucher you can’t buy goods in these stores: “Eurovaistinė”, “Maxima”, “Vynoteka”,  ‘Tiketa”, “Narvesen”, “Bilietai.lt”, “Medicinos Bankas”, auto service „Bestus auto“, travel agency „Vilturas“, „Paulini“, „Linos artelė“, Gera dovana, „Royal Smoke“.
  • VAT invoice is not issued for gift vouchers. If the gift voucher is corrupted – more than half of it is damaged, or there is no gift voucher number or expiry date, you can’t pay for goods and / or services with this gift voucher. In this case gift voucher will not be changed and cash will be non-refundable.
  • You can’t settle gift vouchers for tobacco, alcoholic products and gambling services.
  • An electronic gift voucher can be purchased on https://www.geradovana.lt/dovanu_cekis__cup_cup
  • After purchasing the electronic voucher via https://www.geradovana.lt/dovanu_cekis__cup_cup, please contact the CUP information desk for the gift voucher terms of use  to be explained.

In case of returning the product which was bought using gift vouchers, customer must offset the value of received gifts or return the received gift.

Gift vouchers can be purchased in cash or by bank card.


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