October 31, 2019

CUP entertainment area with a renewed look!

Come and visit the CUP entertainment area!

Future Live – virtual interactive exhibition for the entire family! We invite you to an unforgettable journey into the fascinating world full of extraterrestrial creatures, magic flowers and plants from distant planets that will become an exciting discovery for both, children and adults. Not only we can spend great free time here, but we also celebrate the most fun birthdays! Entrance to the Future Live is from outside, the side of the White Bridge.

On the floor 5 you will find 3 entertainment areas:

A new children’s playroom in Vilnius –„Mažųjų Karalystė“. Safe and cheerful space for family celebrations and leisure time in the very heart of the capital.

Here, your little ones will be able to relax, dance, read, sing and play with you; or you can leave them with us while shopping, taking care of your personal or business matters, having lunch or a romantic dinner. We will take care of your children, as well as their quality time and positive emotions with us.

UFO ZONE is a new and modern game space. This game room offers: interactive shooting game TIRAS, ride with fun BUMPER CARS and plenty other adventures.

 “Cosmos Paukščių takas” is a unique place, where you can dive into the space, stop for a moment at the edge of the universe and stare at the myriads of stars. It is a mirror room that uses the elements of light to create the feeling of infinity.

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