April 14, 2017

Easter table decoration.

Easter table decoration. Easter trust in a good mood and the table dressed in not only the main focus of Easter – eggs, but remember that back in vogue crystal! Party planner  Diana Sugintienė and decorator Žydrė Lataitienė decorated table, which will pleasantly surprise guests from Gerduva  and make small delicious goodies will be served from Mažoji Ragainė. Happy holidays!

Prekybos centras VCUP_Diana Sugintiene_dekoracijos 2

Prekybos centras VCUP_Diana Sugintiene_saldumynai

Prekybos centras vcup_Diana Sugintiene _Velikinis stalas 2

Prekybos centras VCUP_Diana Sugintiene_lekstes

Prekybos centras VCUP_Diana Sugintiene_Velykinis stalas

Prekybos centras VCUP _Diana Sugintiene_papuosimai

Prekybos centras VCUP _Diana Sugintiene_vaikams

Prekybos centras VCUP _Diana Sugintiene_dekoracijos 3


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