February 24, 2017

FESTIVAL DECORATION presents for him by festival planner Diana Sugintiene. His birthday PRESENTS.

FESTIVAL DECORATION| PRESENTS for him by festival planner Diana Sugintiene:
HIS birthday is coming. What can be difficult than finding present for a husband? Relax and enjoy, we will help you! You want to see your loved one soft like a teddy bear: facecloth bathrobe is exactly what he needs . But don’t forget, best present for a husband – is letting go fishing. I you don’t want to be forgotten, present a thermos cup. Warm coffee guarantees that he will be dreaming about you instead of fishes!

2_Dianos Sudintienes_kompozicija_vyrams_vcup_www

1_Dianos Sudintienes_kompozicija_vyrams_vcup_fb

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