November 25, 2019

VI Dvynių konkursas „TWINS PEAK 2019”

The final of the 6th Competition of Twins TWINS PEAK 2019 – already this Saturday, at 16:00, on the 5th Floor of the Shopping Centre CUP!

For the sixth time, the Shopping Centre CUP will be holding the traditional annual competition-show of twins, TWINS PEAK 2019. Thousands of twin couples from many cities and towns in Lithuania as well as abroad, have already participated.

The voting for the twins (as well triplets, and quadruplets) has been taking place throughout November, with the results to be announced during the final event. This year’s final of the 6th competition, TWINS PEAK 2019 will take place on the 30th of November, at 16:00, on the 5th Floor of CUP.

The event is traditionally held at the end of November, when garlands colour the streets and Christmas decorations are all lit up. The festive mood and engaging interactive event draws many participants and spectators.

Until the final show at the end of November, the contest takes place on a virtual platform – https://plus.lrytas.lt/dvyniai-2019/. The twins are invited to register and upload photos that are then posted on the special TWINS PEAK page created in the portal. Visitors vote for the most identical pair of twins.

There were also triplets invited to take part in the 3rd TWINS PEAK competition, and the competition in November 2017 welcomed even one quadruplet of Gancevskis –sixteen-year-old Evelina, Robertas, Danielius and Augustas. Another quadruplet of Pranskevičius five-year-olds from Radviliškis took part in the 5th competition.

One more, the “Centenary Quadruplet” is expected this year, as well as many twins and triplets!

We look forward to seeing you all this Saturday!

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