Folk-rocker band Eluveitie back to Lithuania

During the Christmas week in Lithuania, the Swiss Eluveitie will start with a concert with two groups

The Swiss folk-rock band Eluveitie, who has been renewed next Monday, is coming back to Lithuania, this time to release a new album, Evocation II – Pantheon. After the last show, they have been losing fans for December 18th. will be able to see the band at the only concert in Vilnius Rock River Club. Two more groups will come together – their nationals Silent Circus and the Even Flow Italians.

Tickets to these groups’ concerts are distributed by Tiketa cash register and online.

Eluveitie, the so-called “the new wave of folk metal” band, has been around for 15 years. They became famous for their original combination of heavy music and ferocious folklore. The sympathy of the Celtic culture is still expressed by the motifs of ancient mythology in the lyrics, some of which are specific to the end language. And the name of the band, according to the ancient Etruscan inscriptions, means “Swiss”. Eluveitie also stands out with a plethora of members – even nine on their stage. And while the only original founder, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Chrigel Glanzmann has remained in the original composition since the recent changes, the new creative winds seem to benefit Eluveitie.

The band Eluveitie at the Panteon tour, where she presents her eighth studio album, is accompanied by another Swiss band, the modern metal performers Silent Circus. They are distinguished by the fact that they combine old heavy metal with elements of modern sound, while lyrics tell about personal experiences. The hard but atmospheric and melodic sound of guitars is complemented by a peculiar voice of vocalist Peter Haler, so we hear interesting, eye-catching sounds. Silent Circus is an ambitious new wave heavy music band that really has something to say on this music scene. They have been active for seven years and recorded 2 albums with the newest Rise and Fall released earlier this year.

The Eluveitie concerts in the Baltic States have been entrusted to the Italian Progressive Rock Quartet Even Flow. It’s 1999 a group of brothers Pietro Paolo and Giorgio Lunes. Musicians say that the name of the band best expresses their emotions and creative ideas. The debut EP “Dream Weaver” group released only in 2008, but it was immediately appreciated by music critics and rock lovers. Later on, several full-length studio albums appeared, with Even Flow actively performing with prominent performers, including Orphaned Land, Serious Black, Firewind, Katatonia and others.

The latest tour of the Swiss album “Eluveitie” has attracted a great deal of interest, so two parts were organized. Guitarist John Wolf points out that the album is very well appreciated, and during the summer, the band took part in festivals and is now on a European tour. The band Eluveitie, Silent Circus, and Even Flow will see a concert on Monday, December 18th, with everyone visiting Vilnius Rock River Club.

Video 2017:

ELUVEITIE – Rebirth:



SILENT CIRCUS – Rise And Fall:


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