Therion will present the heavy music opera together with three collectives on Tuesday.

March 20 one of the most famous Swedish symphony metal groups Therion returns to Lithuania after a long break. This time she went to a new concert tour featuring the latest 2018 rock opera Beloved Antichrist. There will be three more accompanying groups from different foreign countries: Imperial Age, Null Positiv and Enemy Of reality. The only concert of four collectives will take place at Rock River Club in Vilnius. Tickets to this concert are distributed by Tiketa cash register and online.

The Therion Group has deservedly become one of the elite symphonic metal ensembles worldwide for 30 years. In the meantime, she matured for a special event – a rock opera The Beloved Antichrist released in February this year. A set of 3 albums, with a duration of more than 3 hours, is a multi-story story, partly inspired by Vladimir Solovyov’s A Short Tale Of The Antichrist. In this work with 29 vocal parties, 29 vocalists are involved. Some of them have been cooperating with Therion for a long time and others have been invited to this grand project. February 1 this year European tour has already started with this album, one stop in Lithuania.

One of the Swedish escorts is Imperial Age from Russia. It’s 2010 In Moscow, symphonic metal performers have gathered their pagan spirit in their songs. At the moment, the only remaining member of the original composition is Alexander Osipov (Aor), who plays keyboard games with Evgeniya Odintsova (Corn), and vocals with frontman Alexandra Sidorova (Rys). Guitarists Igor Korolev (Kiv) and Alexandr Strelnikov, bassist Dmitry Pyshechkin (Dok) and drummer Dmitry Kovalev play together. The group’s discography includes three studio albums, the latest of which are The Legacy of Atlantis released this year.

The band Therion is also hosted by a young German band Null Positiv, combining modern metal with Neuen Deutschen Härte’s style, featuring Rammstein’s most famous performers. It’s just 2016 The team in Lübbenau, with its front-runner Elli Berlin, has a strong ambition and youthful energy to boost the powerful cartridge at Null Positiv. It is accompanied by a team of guys – Flo Schnabl, Martin Kotte and Tom Fecher. For the moment, the band has the only studio album Koma (2017). In the same year, DVD Live Wacken Open Air 2017 appeared, where the Germans recorded their performance at the biggest metal festival in Europe.

Recently, the Greek group Enemy Of Reality jumped into this European rock train, which, together with other collectives, will give Lithuanian rockers a quadruple dose of melodic heavy music on March 20, the only concert of these groups in Vilnius Rock River Club.


Therion –Theme Of Antichrist (2018):


THERION – Temple Of New Jerusalem (2018):


Imperial Age – The Legacy of Atlantis:


Null Positiv – Kollaps (official video)

https://youtu.be/99J2nPrekybos centras VCUP_Rock River_THERION_live_04

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