Live chat show “BOOK + CITY” . Guest – Nomeda Kazlaus

October 31 Wednesday at 12:00 a special Halloween, Ghost Celebration, or otherwise a Spooky Show with NOMEDA KAZLAUS.
Watch the live broadcast on the Book + page or come to our coffee house, Vero Cafe. Surprises, a little bit of shiver, and of course good mood and gifts.

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Nomeda Kazlaus – opera star (primadona), who has won international recognition, TV show manager, vocal pedagogue, jury chairman and member of many international competitions, winner of four international competitions etc.
The author, producer and leader of the idea of ​​the LRT Cycle of Sounds “Sounding Worlds with Nomeda Kazlaus”. Member of the Four Seasons Commission of the Golden Voice Project (2013, 2014, 2016), Chair of the Commission of the International Competition “Music Talent League” ((2016) and member of the International Singers Competition of J.Sibelius (2017, 2018) Creating many key roles in the opera.
The merits of Mr Kazlaus are hard to count. You can hear all this in a live chat.

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