Live chat show “BOOK + CITY” . Guest – Zuokas

November 28th 12 am with us Vero Cafe direct chat “KNYGA + City” Guest – Zuokas.
Watch Live Broadcast with us “Here at Vilniaus centras – CUP “or Book+” facebook +” on your Facebook account, how are CUP and Cut Code gifts always waiting for the most original question?
Create your own city history.
Artūras Zuokas.
>> Journalist, entrepreneur, political and public figure of Lithuanian and Vilnius City Municipality.
>> 2000 m – 2003 and 2003 – 2007 and since 2011 Mayor of Vilnius City Municipality, Chairman of Vilnius City Council, Chairman of Vilnius City Board.
>> 1989 founded the social charity organization Lithuanian Humanist Youth Union, its head.
>> 1997 – founder of public institution “Užupio fondas”.
>> 2001 m. The French President Jacques Chiraco was awarded the Merit Republic Award for his contribution to the development of bilateral relations with France.
>> In 2002, he was awarded the most distinguished young man of the world in 2002. 104 countries were presented for this award.
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