Happy Day for Children

“SOS Children’s Villages” invites the Father’s Day to meet families for a Happy Day for Children!

The event is designed to help children who grow up without their parents. For children who need our help to recover a happy childhood, we invite everyone to entertain and celebrate together in the Father’s Day together.

During the celebration you will have the opportunity to donate to children at social risk families who have lost their parents.

Various FREE entertainments await you, giving your kids a great mood and allowing their parents and moms to relax:

a picnic during which Grill London will serve melting burgers;
a huge fiesta of soap bubbles from the White Bridge with www.sypsomes.lt;
Personas.LT Animated Heroes: Clowns, Man Spider, Superman, Mickey Mouse and many others;
we are waiting for the appearance of Mysterious Phob and Sugar Venus from Cosmos Place. Children’s Center;
we will fly big kid kites with the Wind Brothers;
we draw children’s faces;
amusing mirrors from www.vaikudziaugsmas.lt will arrive;
Canterapy Association will come with therapeutic dogs;
there will be a lottery where you can win various prizes: from reflectors to Maxima LT BIKES!

The event is free! We meet on June 3rd. Vilnius, meadow near the White Bridge, from 12:00.

MORE INFORMATION:  Happy Day for Children 



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