Michael Angelo Batio – more machine than human!

World’s fastest guitarist Michael Angel Batio – more than a man!

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Concert – 20 h
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In addition to the effortless control of the two-eyed guitar, its smooth strings are fast toes, the fastest guitar in the world. All this belongs to one guitar master – the US musician Michael Angel Batio.
Born in an Italian father’s and German mother’s family in Chicago and at just five, Michael Angel Batio has played piano and made his first songs. The ten-year-old virtuoso of the most famous string instrument took the first guitar into his hands. Later he played in several groups with his first music recordings. The longest talent of Batio was in the 1987-1993 Los Angeles Hardcore Collective Nitro. After this break, he started a successful solo career. His exclusive guitar technique is subordinated to various genres of heavy music, ranging from hardrock and heavy metal to progressive hands, neoclassical metal and even jazz.

Now Michael Angel Batio plays not only solo, but also bass guitar, keyboards, percussion, and also has a vocal ability. This extraordinary instrumentalist takes part in a hundred or more concerts a year, half of them are solo performances. Batio is well known not only for the professional performance of various sub-genres. The guitar virtuoso is a world-renowned guitar maker and creator. This instrument is named “one of the hardest guitar rock in history” by influential music critics and is exhibited at the Rock Clock Hall of Fame in Cleveland, USA. But here Michael Michael Batio did not stop – he also built a four-pound guitar. Although the instrument was not even more focused, he did not know his two predecessors. In addition, the musician has released a number of guitar guides, taught Tom Morello of the famous rock band Rage Against The Machine and other guitarists, and his own works were on the soundtracks of the films.

In addition to all these priorities, since 1984, the astonishing musician has been called the fastest guitarist of all time in the world. That is how the nomination was established, the Guitar World magazine for the rocker soul. In the survey, as many as 440,000 respondents cast their votes for Michael Angelo Batio.

February 23rd M.A. Batio still has a battery of incredible energy that could be enchanted by much younger musicians. In addition, as a guitarist, he is extremely creative – in 2013 he released the eleventh studio album Intermezzo. But here the guitar master did not stop, and 2015m. one more job appeared in Shred Force 1: The Essential MAB. The recordings of this album included a number of famous groups of musicians. These are vocalist Todd La Torre from Queensrÿche, guitarists Mark Tremonti, Ald Bridge, Metal Church, Lynch Mob and former Dokken George Lynch, Michael Wilton (Queensrÿche) , Jeff Loomis (“ex-Nevermore”, now Arch Enemy), drummer Jeff Plate (“ex-Metal Church”, now “Trans-Siberian Orchestra”) and many others. Michael Angel Batio, whose fingers in both hands are running at his speed with his double guitar punches and cut like a laser, and impresses his fans with the recordings of this album.

The live performances of this musician are astonishing, and his exclusive music determines only the best public emotions. There’s no doubt about his guitar’s ability to control his guitar, so it’s all right to be sure again. Michael Angel Batio’s concerts are distinguished by the expression of music and the sincere emotions of the artist, which are always passed on to the public.

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