Women’s Run !

Women’s Run will unite all of the running ladies on June 17th! The event is one of a kind: after crossing the finish line of the joyful 5K course, participants will be awarded with special medals of the event and will spend the rest of the day surrounded by the greatest crowd of runners. Various beauty services and a special concert will keep the excellent mood going until the end of the night.

Event invites everyone to have fun! Participants’ families, friends and colleagues will cheer the crowd, relax, snack and freshen themselves at the special area of the event. Boys and girls up to 12 years will enjoy the day at the kids’ playground as well as participate in thrilling PRITT Kids’ Run of 200m.

Traditionally, event joins the movement of Breast Cancer Awareness, thus seeks to remind all the women about the importance of self-check and cancer prevention.

Event will be located next to the White Bridge (Baltasis tiltas) and VCUP shopping center.

See you on June 17!


Prekybos centras vcup_MB_

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