Pantheist – Rock River Club

The first legendary PANTHEIST in Lithuania!
A lot of time has passed since the last, really doom metal concert in Lithuania, so Wolf Promotions and Rock Rock Club present an extremely slow music event together with Pantheist, Woe Unto Me, and House of the Wings. Let the spring fall in the …

Doors at 19:00
Concert at 21:00
BILIETUS distributes TIKETA (http://www.tiketa.lt/LT/pantheist_18702) or the day of the event at the club’s cash desk (at the door)

About groups:

Pantheist – a slow funeral doom metal flagship from the UK. The listeners of this musical genre need not be introduced to the Pantheist. Since 2000, the band has been able to release four studio albums, and the fifth will be presented to Lithuanian audiences on April 28th. As the band itself says, they are returning to their roots in their fifth full-time, a real slow and hard funeral doom metal. Despite the fact that Pantheist is introducing a new album, lovers of old songs will not be disappointed. The concert will feature new works and some of the old, cult, songs.

Woe Unto Me, a neighboring Belarusian doom’er, is not visiting Lithuania for the first time. Their music moves the listener into a dark, cold and gloomy autumn, and at the same time looks for beauty in it. In the second album, the band masterfully combined the sounds of acoustic and electric instruments and created a truly unique combination that we will hear live.

Flower House – Melancholic dark ambient, neo-folk style design created in 2006 in Prague, heavily influenced by funeral doom, metal groups, including Pantheist. The project naturally originated from a longing for Lithuania and a unique understanding of the Baltic world. Flower House invites you to experience darker expressions of nature and existence. “Namol, through the fog and darkness, in the paths of ghosts.”

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