Welcome to September 8th 11 am In Vilnius, at the White Bridge, to participate in an event dedicated to commemorate the World Day for Suicide Prevention – a bicycle ride. During the event, the participants will have the opportunity to cycle about 10 km, to communicate with volunteers of emotional support services, to enjoy a picnic.
While driving and communicating, we want to draw the public’s attention to the fact that sometimes we need very little to put people in emotional distress
We hope this bicycle hike will help us all talk more about suicide, listen to each other, unite the efforts of professionals, volunteers and every member of the community. We will also remember suicides and their relatives.
Every year, millions of people from different parts of the world come together to commemorate the World Suicide Day on September 10th.
The slogan of this year’s World Day for Suicide Prevention is “Minimize suicide by acting together”. The purpose of this slogan is to show that every member of the community can help a person with thoughts of suicide and invite the efforts of different members of the community to unite.
Bicycle Route: White Bridge – Upės str. – Žvejų g. – Mindaugas Bridge – T. Vrublevskio str. – Gedimino pr. – Mickevičiaus g. – Birutės g. – Vingis Park – Birutės str. – bicycle route on the Neris embankment – Upės str. – White Bridge. Cycling pedals will be dropped slowly and safely, so parents with children are invited to participate in the event.
11 am registration and brief introduction
12-13 hours bicycle hike
1 pm commemoration, communication
15 hrs the end.