Drawing Contest “Beloved Vilnius – City of Angels“

Drawing Contest “Beloved Vilnius – City of Angels“

To celebrate the day of child protection, a drawing competition organized by CUP, theme “Beloved Vilnius – The City of Angels”. The competition is attended by children from kindergartens and schools and gymnasiums of Vilnius city, 1-12 class. May 22 – 26 Bring your drawings and prepare them for the CUP Exposition (staircase, 1a to 5a). All groups participating in the contest are invited to take photos and ice cream. September 14 winners of CUP gift vouchers will be announced, photos and thank-you letters can be withdrawn.

June 1d – September 1 There is a vote in the 1st century, in the information center, for drawings of the most liked class.

Counting Visitors’ Voices On September 14, the contestants will announce which class won the € 100 CUP gift voucher, and two € 50 CUP gift vouchers.

Thank you for participating and INVITING TO VOTE!

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