Coolest servicing seller’s contest

Vote and choose!

August 5th. – On September 5th.

Vote invite:  https://www.facebook.com/CentrasVCUP and stores.
Shop/restaurant box office get LIKE icon, enter what you love whit employee name and place in bag at the entrance.

Summing up LIKE icons and VCUP facebook voces september 5 d. winner will be chosen.
Gift– HOT AIR BALLOON and two VCUP gift vouchers 2st and 3rd place.




Summing up the voices publish SELLERS OF THE CONTEST winners !
1st place – GIFT – HOT AIR BALLOON – CASCADA Diana.

2nd place – GIFT – 50 Eur VCUP gift voucher – UGNIES SPALVOS Samanta.

3rd place – GIFT – 50 Eur VCUP gift voucher – SAMSUNG Diana.

We invite you pick up prizes september 8th., 16 hours., VCUP 5th – floor, during the event.


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